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MLM Business – Who’s Better at Growing an MLM Business, Men Or Women?

Okay, so I’ve noticed a trend in the MLM business industry, the top money makers featured in various company sponsored magazines and media are mostly men or couples. It appears that men do play the upper hand and have a more predominant role within the “inner circles” of various popular MLM businesses, but do they actually grow a business better? 

There are scientifically proven differences between the way a women and a man will grow their business based on societal pressures and  basic human psychology (this is just a generalization of gender and is not personally directed and men or women). These differences stem back to the very essence of a human’s biology, the woman’s role being the nurturer and the man’s role as the hunter/gatherer.

MLM – Women’s Growth Strategies:

In general, women do their research before starting a business or jumping into an MLM opportunity. They also plan ahead and look at the big picture years down the line of what they want their ultimate goal to be, their big “why.” Women also will seek advice when they’re struggling in their businesses and set more realistic business growth and financial expectations. Here’s where biology kicks in, since women are nurturers, they will commit to their business and build more personal relationships with their downline while providing emotional support which in turn increases their retention rate.

MLM – Men’s Growth Strategies:

It’s in a man’s blood to take greater risks and when growing an MLM business, this can definitely pay off.  Men have traditionally had access to larger finances and are able to invest more money into the growth of their business. Men also are generally more aggressive because they’re biologically hunters, so this will reflect in their business growth and success.

Overall, men are more successful in growing their businesses into massive organizations; however, women will stay in business longer. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.