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How Twitter is Changing The Business World

 I’ve been using Twitter for some time now but only recently unlocked the full potential of this incredible communication medium. Notice I don’t say website or tool – that’s because Twitter is completely changing the way that we communicate online and I think will give newspapers and magazines a run for their money – literally!

What gives Twitter such a mass appeal is just how easy it is to use. Unlike a blog it is much easier to follow people’s Tweets and stay on-top of industry news and updates. By simply following a user you are now completely connected to the latest news and information provided by that source.

So how can this help you as a Domain Investor or a business owner? First, you should follow all of the major Domainers in the industry. Most professional Domainers update their Twitter account far more than their blogs so this is the best way to get the latest information. If you are not a Domainer but instead a business analyst – follow other analysts, Medical researcher? Follow other people in the medical field.

Twitter gives you access to a huge audience – and guess what, some of them might be listening to you! Like I said, it is very easy to follow people and thus you’ll find that you can develop followers quite quickly just by following the people that you find interesting.

Chances are if you find someone interesting, they are likely to find you interesting too since you both are most likely discussing related topics.

Here’s an example. You are a big fan of Kayaking so search on Twitter for Tweets about Kayaking. You find a few people and begin to follow them. While you might not talk about Kayaking all the time – maybe you discuss it in one of your Tweets one week. Suddenly you notice that some of those followers start responding to you and discussing Kayaking with you.

While this might not make sense at first – think of what this does. It’s not about having a random conversation about Kayaking, but instead exposing more people to your business and services based on similar interests.

Maybe one of the people you are following likes Kayaking, but also is having trouble getting their website to rank well in search engines. Reading your Tweet they check-out your Twitter page and find-out that you offer services they are looking for.

This is the power of Twitter and never before has it been so easy to do what Twitter does.

If you are not using replies – start doing so right- away. It’s all about interaction and by doing so you just might see your business grow almost overnight! So whether you are a Domainer or a flower-shop owner it is time to embrace the next big thing and it’s not Facebook (although Facebook is cool) – it’s Twitter.

Business Financing – What’s the Secret Formula Banks Use to Predict Business Success?

When starting a business, one of the first things you need to consider is the method for financing your business. You need cash for business and other licenses as well as for incorporation expenses. If you’re going the franchise route, then you’ll need to ante up thousands of dollars to buy in. Then there may be training requirements which require the investment of time and even more dollars. All this cash outlay probably happens before you make your first dollar.

Once you’re up and running, you will need to buy supplies, pay suppliers and meet payroll. All of this before the first invoice is generated. In addition to the start up costs, businesses need working capital and cash to survive until they get paid for their goods and services. A big new contract is wonderful. It could really catapult your business t greater success and profit. But do you have the Cash Flow to survive?

Alternative financing companies like Noble Finances provide cash flow for businesses which are unable to qualify for traditional bank financing. Usually these are the newer businesses that are already grappling with start up costs. Businesses with accounts receivable invoices can get cash advances. Why wait 30 days or 60 more days to get your cash when accounts receivable financing or factoring provides your business with cash in 48 hours. Other businesses which accept VISA and MasterCard as payment can get a cash advance against their future credit card sales. If equipment is needed, the cash advance could provide the funds to acquire what you need to deliver. But there is another option for equipment. A cash preservation strategy would be to lease the needed software and/or equipment. That way you wouldn’t have to come up with the cash for immediate and full purchase. So, don’t despair if the bank says no.

Cash flow is critical to business survival. But studies have shown 6 factors are more important predictors of business success than is cash. They are:

   1. Setting annual growth targets
   2. Developing and executing a growth plan
   3. Improving management efficiency
   4. Participating in corporate supply chains
   5. Operating in an innovative, uncontested or unaddressed market place.
   6. Starting your business when you, the owners, are less than 55 years of age.

It’s been said that cash is king. But business success factors have more to do with management than with finances. Banks wisely look at the management team and management skills before giving loans. Business / management know how that is pertinent and applicable to the business is essential… But, without cash there will be no business to lead and manage.

Forex Recommendations – It’s Important to Be Loaded With Knowledge Prior to Investing

There is lot of scope for making profits from the forex market and also chances of sustaining loss. You might be uncertain and scouting desperately around for forex recommendations. With the advent of the internet there has been a simultaneous emergence of various companies involved in forex trading. You need to have info regarding which trading companies are established and credible. You need to maximize your forex objectives and make investments successfully for your foreign exchange investment accounts. You would have certainly come across several trading company websites. The companies which are really good have an area separately allocated to forex recommendations too.

You also have the opportunity of getting daily forex forecasts sent to you by email. Nowadays, for that purpose separate and dedicated companies are existent. The updates have last minutes information and help you tremendously in timing your purchase or selling in the forex market. Information is also provided on the currencies that you ought to avoid. The quality of information is also good and a high level of accuracy is maintained. However, before doing all these activities you need to get educated in forex trading. The websites providing information on forex trading and forex trading tutorials must be consulted. These are the places where one gets a host of forex recommendations.

You would find free tutorials to be very less. For most of the guides you would need to pay. Highly experienced forex trading authors would give you comprehensive guidance on the finance market. The information is available both in the form of physical books and e-books. For greater clarity in forex trading, you can download DVDs online. You also have the option of personally buying videotapes, DVDs or CDs. Forex recommendations’ are also got from the online forums. You must regularly check them out as experienced and professional traders willfully providing plethora of information.