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3 Easy Tips to Start a Clothes Business Minus the Myths

One myth is that the fashion business requires you to have a fashion degree to be taken seriously as a fashion designer or clothes business owner, is completely false! Yes, it can be advantageous to have a fashion degree but, it is definitely not absolutely necessary. You can create a very successful business without this and go on to become a fashion designer in your own right because of your creative individuality.

Another myth is that you will need to be able to sew, knit or use any of the tools required to create garments. You may even have been led to believe that you will also need to have completed a basic art and design course as well as have sketches and examples of your artistic talents available and ready at hand for examination. Other myths include, that you need to have a sound knowledge of textiles and their uses, and that a bank or lending institution will not take you seriously, if you do not have a fashion degree.

Putting these myths aside, following are three tips to start you on the road to creating a very successful fashion business and what you will actually need to start.

Clothes Business Tip No.1
You need a vision of what you want to achieve in your business before you can even start to put this dream into action. In most cases, a person who is drawn to the fashion industry is someone who is innately artistic and this talent is normally dormant until the time arrives that it becomes an overriding passion to be expressed.

The first thing to do when the vision of designing garments start appearing in your minds eye, is to start sketching or even doodling these designs. Your design could start with just the mental picture of the back of a garment, seeing a particular pleat in your imagination. This vision will grow into the whole skirt and then the jacket to match. Before long, you be looking at alternative jackets and coats, all in your minds eye!

Clothes Business Tip No.2
Once you have your sketches of the designs you want to create ready, your next step would be to have these translated into garments.

To do this, you have a few alternatives. You can either find someone within your family, or circle of friends, who has the skill to do it for you or, you can ask them to find out if they know someone within their own circle of friends who would be able to create the garments for you. Alternatively, you could advertise in the appropriate magazines to find a suitable person to make up your garments.

Clothes Business Tip No.3
Now armed with your designs, you need to find customers because as soon as you have a database of customers and a working history in the fashion market, then you will be looked upon as a good investment by banks or other financial lending companies.

Just by starting with your very first customer, this can lead to many others, through recommendations. Therefore your task is to ensure that each and every customer is completely happy with the garment they have paid for, so that they in turn will pass your details on to their family and friends.

The above three tips will help you to get started with creating a clothes business and hopefully dispel the myths which may have held you back in the past from entering into the fashion business.

Home Based Business – A Revolution in Doing Business

Throughout the years mankind has revolutionized his own creation. From Cathode Ray Tube to LCD, letter writing to e-mail sending, the list goes on. Today in the 21st century a whole new definition of business has been applied and has significantly changed the lives of many people. This new approach to business has contributed millions in revenue within many countries throughout the world, and though discriminated by some, home based businesses have re-established the standards of living for many families.

Home based businesses have been embraced by many due to the autonomy that it gives to be your own boss and set your own working schedules. One is not tied to corporate deadlines and pressures from employees, but with effort and will power, you set the boundaries for your own achievements. This level of flexibility allows one to dedicate time that would originally be spent in traffic jams or beating what many refer to as the ‘rush hour’, to simply invest it with family, self and other aspirations.

Apart from this, one is not limited to just being ‘an employee’. Managing and coordinating a home business requires just as much expertise as running a multi-national company. This may seem like a scary thought, but actually it is as easy as breathing. There is much to be learned from managing a home based business and this knowledge would not normally be acquired if working as a traditional worker. As a result of this, self development, professional satisfaction, creativity and financial security are the many advantages of having a home based business.

There are also exemptions from certain tax payments that a person can enjoy running their own business. While this may vary from country to country, the benefit of this reduces substantially the overhead costs that would generally be attached to operating a business. This eases the burden of having to have a ‘generous’ start up capital.

There are thousands of employees who dedicate years of service and time and have made significant sacrifices to only be appreciated with being shown the door when times get a little tough, sickness, or any other factor perceived as a ‘barrier’ in the corporate world. With little to do or say as an ‘employee’, many lives have been turned upside down.

Why count the pennies and have sleepless nights about whether you will be the next to be fired? Why deny yourself the happiness of having all you want when you want? Why deny your family the possibility of ascension when the answer is simply taking control of your own life?

Do not be just ‘another employee’. Apply your skills and talents in your own business and who knows you may even employ your former boss some day! Take charge of your life and put an end to the forty hour work week of stress and sweat.

Using Social Media to Help Your Business

Social media is the latest trend but it is here to stay! People are using it for any number of reasons: to stay in touch with friends and family; to meet new people and broaden their circle of contacts; to build a brand and promote their business; and as entertainment. There are hundreds of social media sites. You can find a place to mingle online regardless of your main interests.

Social Media is the fastest growing type of communication in the world today. But for companies opposed to social media as a tool for marketing their business, please know that millions of people are creating content for the Social Web every day. Your competitors are already there. Your customers have been there for a long time. If your business isn’t setting itself out there, it has to be.

For big companies, building a site that integrates interactivity, lets user-generated content, and perhaps also includes e-commerce is a larger undertaking. Twitter can be used to drive traffic to videos, Web sites, contests, articles, and so on. Social media marketing results can be measured by cites on blogs and click-through to your company Website. For a small business it’s an investment of time.

Social Media and Networking is the entire craze in the marketing world today. Professionals and small businesses are stirring over to social networking and online marketing in droves. Many IT Professionals today still do not comprehend the power of the Internet to market their business nor do they share this power with their client base so that they can become the expert in this field and help their clients. Not only do they not comprehend the power of the Internet and what it has to offer to their business they may also be afraid of letting their hair down on the Internet.

If you are looking at attracting new business openings online, do things that are fun and will attract potential clients to visit your site, post fun contests on your social networking sites that drive traffic to your website. The number one rule is to be exciting and fun and make it your number one intention not to be boring.

Online and Social Media can create an incredible amount of traffic for your business if done properly. Leverage the tools obtainable to you and your business today, create those brilliant experiences and help out those that are starving for the value that you can bring to the world.