Offline Business Forum – One of Your Best Resource Tools

Many people are dreaming for the American Dream and nowadays they are digging for their fortunes in the comfort of their homes. Home based business has been sending waves of money prospects throughout the country. More and more people are establishing their unique home based businesses, hoping to have a part of the multi-billion dollar industry. But after they have put up their businesses, most of them have no idea on how to keep their businesses running and ensuring return of investment on their online endeavors. And obviously, they got lost in the web.

One of the reasons people get lost on the web is because they are resorting to from their own knowledge and experiences in running their offline businesses; online and offline businesses do share many similarities, but certain features are vastly different. Another reason people seem to get lost on the web is because they forget to consider the best and easiest ways that complement the advantages of the Internet to their ventures: to seek for professional advice online. If you’re thinking about having your own home based business you should think twice of running it without external help.

An offline business forum is a venue where home-based owners interact online with the sense of cooperation and commonality. It is a promising online community involving members who are in need of help making money utilizing the web in their home based businesses, and members who have been making money and are there to help. Needless to say, most of them are experienced and have been raking up lots of dollars from their offline businesses.

The forum can give you positive points to guide your way to success. It can give you tips and easy course as you build your home based business. Forums can help suggest current lucrative home-based businesses, warn you of online scams, and other possible problems you may run into. Forums can give you their reliable and tested approach on how to make your work more efficient and productive. In addition, the forum has the space to market your products.

You can gain trust and strong friendly relations among the members as you take an active part in the forum. It is crucial to be an active member because it is important to establish your reputation. Likewise, the forum will let you have the opportunity to have traffic directed to your business website. As you post actively in a certain niche that serves for your home based business, people will highly recognize you and will consider visiting your website as you have put your link in your signature file. The more links of your business website in the forum, the greater the possibility that many people and search engines will visit you. Valuable backlinks from search engines will result to high search engine ranking for your website.

And not to be taken for granted, publicity of your products in an offline business forum is not modest. Not all of the members are small business owners, actually there are members who own large businesses that participate in such forums to share their expertise as well as to gain new and innovative knowledge from other members in return. If you gain popularity among these influential people, your products will have a better chance to be recommended by large business owners. Taking in the probability that some of these people are not only staying in one forum, you will be taking the Internet by storm as your products are being discussed in many forums. Internet profits will flood into your account that you will be considering heaping it up in a bank.

How to Start a Catering Business 1-2-3

If you love cooking and have a creative flair, catering can be a rewarding and fun business. Each client has their own food tastes and event needs that need to be met, so your job as a caterer will be far from boring. Your creativity will help you find unique menu solutions to each client’s needs, so a catering business can be stimulating and challenging as well.

Think you’ll never be able to start your own catering business? Think again. Start small, and in just a few steps your business can be up and running. Once you’ve managed the basics, then you’ll be able to grow your business as your customer base grows.

As a professional caterer, you can start your business on weekends or evenings part-time. You’ll have the opportunity to work for both business clients or individuals – large events or small gatherings – weekend galas or corporate luncheons – casual or extravagant. In the broad field of catering, you can choose your preferred work schedule, event size – even down to the type of client and cooking style to really create a business that you’ll truly enjoy.

Over the years, the average lifestyle has become busier and more hectic. Where a party host used to prepare her own food – now she hires the work out to a caterer. Families are now hiring personal chefs or purchasing prepared meals to be delivered on a regular basis. Almost every restaurant offers take-out service and many have added catering to their line of work for an additional revenue stream. People are willing to pay more for the convenience of prepared food – my favorite example being drive-through coffee.

So how do you actually start a catering company?

1. Learn your business – If necessary, take a few cooking classes. If you’ve never worked as a caterer, you can gain valuable experience as an apprentice or assistant for an established catering company. Interview successful caterers or invest in a basic catering business start-up guide that shows you how to price menus, calculate labor, estimate food quantities, write a proposal, etc. Many of these things are simple formulas you can quickly learn – and will make your business much easier to run.

2. Locate your customers. Catering can be a very good repeat business – so you don’t necessarily have to find lots of new customers to be profitable in this field. Get your foot in the door without selling by offering to deliver free catered lunches or snacks to local offices in your area. Another simple “advertising” technique is to serve your food samples at a local street fair or community event. In addition, you can partner with another company like a wedding planner, a tour company or music venue and provide your catering service to their existing client base. It’s a good idea to have on hand business cards that explain the services you provide to potential clients.

3. Make sure you comply with city ordinances by making a simple phone call to your local government office. Ask which licenses and permits are required for your business and area and how to apply. Talk with an accountant and banker (you can get referrals from other local business owners or friends) to get helpful budgeting, financial and tax tips, and business management advice that will save you time and money down the road.

Many professional caterers will tell you that catering is a fun, creative and social business. If you’ve impressed people with your cooking before, there are probably lots more people out there who are ready to enjoy your creations. Don’t doubt yourself, you may be profitable sooner than you think.

10 Things You Must Do Before Starting an Internet Business

1. Reserve a domain name. This is a very easy task with the exception of deciding what you want it to be and whether or not it is available. There are several companies that you can sign up with and they are very affordable for annual use of a name. This is a must for starting an internet business.

2. Decide on the type of Internet business. This will take lots of research. Please remember that statistics say that 98% of the business opportunities on the internet are scams so be very careful and get references that are reliable.

3. Set up your website. Depending on how internet savvy you are, this can be done by you, or you can hire someone to do it for you or depending on which business you decide on, some of them offer a web site as part of the package. I will only add one other thing. If you can build a personal one it may serve you better than a duplicated web site when starting an internet business.

4. Set up your merchant account. Again depending on how you are able to receive payment for your company or through your company will determine what kind of merchant account that you will want to have.

5. Decide on the kind of marketing you are going to do. This is with out a doubt one of the hardest parts about starting an internet based business. Deciding what the best form of marketing will be. Position on the internet on the search engines can make or break you so this subject does warrant some help from the professionals until you really get to be skilled online. I highly recommend spending some time researching this subject and getting some input from what ever business venture you get into.

6. Decide on the product that you are going to market. This decision depends on what type of business you are interested in running. For instance are you interested in cold calling customers? Do you want to stock inventory and invest in inventory? Do you have a problem with chasing leads? How about buying leads? Do you want to be involved in lotions and potions? How much experience do you have in writing advertisements? All of these are questions you need to ask yourself because most of these are included in MLM but do not have to be when starting an internet business.

7. Get a working email address. It goes without saying that you will need a computer that can access the internet.

8. Fire up your motivation. Your mind set is probably one of the more important preparations you need to address for starting an internet marketing business. If your head is not in the right place it is unlikely that you will be able to make a success of it. Never go into business with the attitude that you are going to try it and see if it works. You must believe in the product, the business and your plan. If you do not. You might as well just stop before you start.

9. Make a business plan; you have to have a plan. Plan out your daily activities for one month at a time. Carry them out, weigh the results, modify if need be and then plan for the next thirty days.

10. Set Goals, daily, monthly, quarterly and annually. Always stay on top of your progress towards your goals. If you exceed them modify the goal for the next time period. If you do not reach them, try to figure out why and adjust.

Starting your own internet business with no boss and no one to answer to but yourself can be the most rewarding adventure in life. I know because I have an internet business. The secret is that you must persevere, keep your motivation up and most of all do not quit. Internet marketing takes time to develop results and many people have been known to give up right before their results start showing up.